Monday, April 4, 2011

The Birthday Turtle

Hello again, everyone! I have another digi image. I made this one for my friend Emily's birthday. I got the idea from my brother, Zac, who thought that birthdays needed a mascot. (like for Christmas there is Santa and for Easter there is the Easter Bunny) Anyway, here is my birthday turtle. Enjoy!
Digi hugs from Lydia Joy!
ETA: re: snowbirds's response, we downloaded this image ourselves and the image clarity was comparable to all the other images on this site. 


  1. Thank you for the cute turtle
    i made right klick,then copie to my folder
    i have open the image in my PSP,the turtle is very smal and when i make them bigger ,the lines
    are smeerd,please dont be angry i write this,i only like to let you now
    Bless you, your time, hard work and your amazing talent
    thank you for sharing your art work with us digi stampers.
    Sometimes it's hard to exlpain , especially when english is not your motherlanguage, but I guess you forgive me the spelling mistakes
    I wish you many more creative years of bloging!
    have a blessed day

  2. I agree with your brother. Thank you